Thank you for your interest in the nationwide online Training Market Barometer. The aim of the research is to diagnose the Polish training market.

Once you answer the questions you will receive a diagnosis of activities in the field of training in your company compared to other companies that have already taken part in the online Training Market Barometer. In a few minutes you will find out whether your company is carrying out training activities in a similar way to other companies in the market.

You will see the results of the activities of your company, compared to other companies, on the charts created for individual Barometer questions, like this:

You will also receive the score result. The most advanced company in the market in conducting training activities for their employees receives 390 points and the least advanced – 0 points.

The survey is completely anonymous and does not address the trade secrets.

The full results of the online Training Market Barometer will be published on the site

Thank you for participating in the online Training Market Barometer and answering all the questions in the questionnaire.

Your company operates in:
1. Are the training needs of the employees checked in your company?
2. Who checks the training needs of the employees?
3. How are the training needs checked?
4. Are the results of the training needs check consulted with the employees who will participate in the training session?
5. Who chooses the employees sent to the training session?
6. Which work positions do most often benefit from the training projects?
7. How big are the groups during the training sessions in your company?
8. To what extent do the participants have influence on the subject and organization of the training session?
9. How often are the training sessions organised in your company?
10. How long are the mostly organized training projects in your company?
11. When do the training sessions mostly take place in your company?
12. How many training courses, excluding a compulsory safety training, did an employee of your company participate in during the last calendar year?
13. Who most commonly conducts training sessions in your company?
14. In your opinion which qualities of a trainer, connected to the way of conducting a training session, are the most important?
15. I expect a trainer to be/have:
16. Which training methods were applied during the sessions you participated in?
17. In your opinion which elements connected to conducting of a training are the most important?
18. In your opinion a high standard training session is characterized by:
19. In your opinion a low standard training session is characterized by:
20. What is the character of training sessions currently conducted in your company?
21. What kind of training sessions are mostly offered to employees in your company?
22. What kind of trainings are mostly organised in your company?
23. In what kind of trainings did the employees participate last year?
24. What is mostly the source of the training ideas for employees in your company?
25. Training sessions in your company are:
26. Which situation describes your company best:
27. What can be the reason for the failure of previous training projects in your company?
28. Worst situations during training sessions are:
29. In your company training sessions are financed from:
30. What should the training price depend on?
31. How much should a one-day open training for one participant cost?
32. How much should a one-day closed training for a group of 10-15 participants cost?
33. Do you evaluate on the effectiveness of training sessions in your company?
34. Do conducted training sessions result in a rise of effectiveness of employees?
35. Do employees have a possibility to evaluate on their training sessions?
36. In what way can employees evaluate on their training sessions?
37. Which way of evaluation on the training effectiveness does your company apply?
38. Do employees in your company have individual development or career plans?
39. What are the benefits of participation in training sessions offered by training companies?
40. What is the market sector of the operation of your company?
41. How many years does your company exist?
42. How long does your company exist?

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